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Properstay.com is a vacation rental website. Our goal is to provide the best vacation properties and best prices available to our customers.

Why should you choose Properstay.com?
You should choose to book a vacation property because we only select the best apartments, homes and condos so our customers will have an unforgettable experience. From the moment you book your stay with us you will feel comfortable and at ease knowing our reservation specialists will provide the best customer service and answers to any questions you may have concerning your accommodations.
Our quality pledge
We strive to provide only quality accommodations and high-level customer service so our customers feel safe throughout the booking process and during their stay.
Customer Friendly Website
At Properstay.com you’ll find the most competitive prices for high-quality accommodations. A simple search, and an easy checkout process will allow you to quickly find the right rental for you! Be sure to view pictures, website reviews, detailed apartment descriptions and much more information on our easy to use website.

Why should you rent a vacation rental?

Feel comfortable
All the vacation properties that we work with come well equipped with updated furniture, modern appliances, fully appointed kitchens and offer every comfort to those who want to feel at home even while traveling. Booking a vacation rental gives you more space than the tiny hotel rooms you may otherwise choose. Whether you are traveling for a family vacation or a business trip you will have more space and full privacy. Be sure that your experience will be far from the impersonal environment of a hotel room.

Competitive Prices
Many of the accommodations providers that we work with give us their best price. So you can be sure that we provide the most competitive rate for your accommodation.
More About the Company:
Properstay.com was founded in 2011 by travel experts passionate about providing a better travel experience. We saw a lot of flaws in the vacation rental booking process so we created Properstay to connect accommodation providers with customers in an easy and simple way. We work only with trusted accommodations providers to provide our customers with a memorable travel experience.

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